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Thoughts, recipes, ideas, information, musings about the practicalities of vegan living, with occasional philosophical meanderings and the minutiae of vegan life. With the occasional page apparently little to do with veganism. I might leave this blog for three months then post three times in a day, so subscribe or keep coming back.

The intention is to keep blog posts reasonably short - under 500 words if possible.

This was inspired by a friend who wanted some ideas to help her move her diet more towards veganism - she wanted inspiration. Also, answering the frequent question “what do you eat?” with “everything except animal products” isn’t really good enough.

Over the years, I hope to show how an individual might cope with the limitations and opportunities of Ireland for a vegan lifestyle - clothes & shoes, transport, energy, animals, work, social issues etc as well as a good sprinkling of recipes and food advice.

Don't expect this blog to go anywhere or move logically from A to B to C etc. It's random, written as things occur to me and upon which I think I can expound, so it's more likely to go from P to R then to E and back to R again, or something like that.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all ingredients (barring obvious exceptions such as salt, seaweed and water) are organically grown/produced.

If you don't like what you read here, you have choices! You can fume; you can politely make a comment; you can make up your own blog; you can ignore; etc, etc and so forth and so on. Remember, do whatever you want, so long as you do no harm.

If you want contribute an article or idea, there's a comments form or maybe send an email to me

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